Shore Birding and Car Troubles

I love mountains, but we had a great time on the coast last weekend! We traveled to Charleston, South Carolina for a wedding celebration (our friends were married in South Africa a few months ago). The Burgers threw the party on their land that fronts the Toogoodoo River, south of Charleston, on a perfect Low Country spring afternoon. We stayed until the tide went out and our shoulders were pink. [Note that this is the first yellow dress I've worn since I was about 5, and it's all organic cotton. I love, love, love the line Loyale, and wish I could afford more of it]
The downside of the weekend was car trouble and my car is still in Charleston, while I have returned to Charlottesville. It's a long, sad story that involves me flying back down there in a couple weeks to hopefully drive the thing home. Ugh.
BUT, we did have some excellent shore bird sightings of Great Egrets, which are white like Snowy Egrets, but don't have yellow feet or lacy tail plumes (I've been consulting Sibley's on this one). Here's one of the better photos:

Although I didn't get a photo, just as we left, a Swallow-tailed Kite flew over our heads. It was so graceful and quiet, and native only to the coastal South, so we were lucky. Here's what Google Image turned up:

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