Work and Playing Hostess

Between grad school and planning and executing dinner for 7 last night, I'm not getting out this weekend [Steven, naturally, has just left for day 2 of climbing with his buddies]. So I'm cleaning up and trying to come to terms with the mountain of work that lies ahead. Here's a photo from the Ibex website that puts me in a mind for all the things that I am excited to do in the coming months, though:
And I have a job folks! I'll be working at the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission starting at the end of May. Hooray for being employed.

Finally, if you haven't heard me go on about local food, organic food, CSA's, etc, let me just tell you that the pastured broiler chickens from Polyface Farm that I served for dinner last night were outstanding. Worth every penny for their delicious chickeness. I'll be whipping up what might just be the best chicken tetrazzine ever with the leftovers. Yum.

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