Breech of Contract

Here's something not to do. Google pictures of frank breech babies at birth. It's like a bad yoga joke.

Her expression says it all. Also, baby chiropractic care is in her future. 

Mountain Munchkin Two, aka Baby Girl C has been frank breech for the last two and a half weeks. I'm 35 weeks along, so there is still time for her to get herself into the head-down position to be born, but the days are ticking by and the bigger she gets, the less room to do a somersault.  Turn, baby, turn.

The interwebs have turned up all kinds of interesting ideas to turn a breech baby. A selection:

 1. Talk to her: "Babies are smart! They know what they need to do, but sometimes they need a little encouragement. Have a conversation with her about why this is important."

2. Self-hypnosis: "Baby or I may be holding on to something deep in our sub-conscious that's holding us back. Time to relax and let go."

 3. Go upside down: Spinning, y'all. Because who wouldn't want to lie on an inclined ironing board and give themselves a headache to back that baby up? Alternately:

 4. Excite some molecules with burning mugwort: aka moxibustion. It's an acupuncture/Chinese medicine practice.  I have no idea how this works, but it seems pretty harmless, so why not?

5. Frozen peas: If someone plopped a bag of frozen vegetables on your head, you'd run away, right? The idea here is that cold on baby's head and a heating pad at her feet can encourage her to move towards the heat.

6. Music: Same idea. Babies like music, so play music where you want her head to be.

If Ford has not already taught us that children will do what they want to do, irrespective of their parents' wishes (i.e. my wish to avoid another c-section), then this little hurdle is certainly a good reminder.  Let it go, let it flow. Ommmm.......

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