Southern-Specific Food

Two more reasons I am so happy to be back in Virginia (although I should be quick to mention that we really miss the GFS, Food Farm and Le Petit Outre in Missoula).

Duke's Mayonnaise.  See how the label says "Real?" That's because it is. None of that weird healthfood store canola oil-based mayo in the South. This is what you want for BLT's, pimento cheese, ice cream. Just kidding. Anyway, the MM positively loathes mayonnaise. My Nene Marie is probably clutching her pearls to her chest reading that, but we have to forgive and forget these things!

Mrs. Fearnow's Brunswick Stew. Probably the only meal that I am happy to eat straight from the can. I think this stuff is hyper-regional to eastern Virginia, so when I found that they stock is at the Great Valu in Deltaville, I stopped in on our way home from Fishing Bay last weekend and bought 4 cans! The family who makes this stuff has pretty dramatically scaled back production, but based on the number of "Tastes just like Mrs. Fearnow's!" posts on Pinterest, it has a loyal fan base of Southern ladies who find it as comforting as I do. And El Fordo loves it.  Let us pray that they never shut it down completely.

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Tucker Mahoney said...

I too adore Mrs. Fearnow's! It is also one of the few things I will eat straight from a can. Though Dan still turns his nose up. Perhaps your recommendation will set him straight! Will be in Madison/C'ville with the kiddos for a few days this summer; I know they aren't that close to Stanton, but I would love to meet Ford and give you a hug!

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