Form Over Function?

They say that you need to see yourself in advertising and marketing and I won't lie that I am always thrilled to see a chic cyclist featured on a blog like The Sartorialist,

Or when a company like PUBLIC Bikes comes out with something like their new R16 retro-styled road bike:

Even though I just bought a bike and tricked it out with a rear rack, child seat and saddle bags, I keep getting emails from PUBLIC about this awesome new road bike with 16 speeds. After tackling some of Staunton's hills on my 7-speed, I can see the beauty, er, I mean functionality of a road bike.....or maybe it's just the hunter green frame and brown leather; the classic simplicity and matching fenders?  This is why bike companies should spend more money marketing to female cyclists. When you approach you bike like a glorified statement bag, you're going to be a lot more tempted to pimp your ride than, say, this guy:

Bon Weekend to you all for Memorial Day! We are going to get together with more old friends, meet a new baby and I finally get to hit a Barre class after a nearly two-month hiatus!

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