Moving with Toddlers

Howdy, folks. We've been in Staunton just over a week now and are slowly settling in. There are still unopened boxes in rooms and nothing hanging on the walls, but we are loving the extra space in this house, especially a dedicated room for the MM's office and a full, finished basement for the overflow.

More than I find it disorienting to sleep in a new bedroom, I feel like my rhythm is totally off in a new kitchen. Figuring out my orientation to the prep area, where things are stored, resigning myself to an electric stove while we're here, it's all making me drag my feet a bit about getting back into the habit of making more than breakfast and PB and J after a few weeks of packing, moving, being fed by wonderful people and not cooking at all.

Our visit to the Staunton farmer's market yesterday and picking up a copy of Edible Blue Ridge should get me out of that rut, though. We're back in the land of agri-tourism and Southern foodie culture! I've already found a little lunch spot that makes a BLT with bacon from Polyface Farm. I have such a weakness for BLT's, so it wasn't hard to make up my mind there and the bacon was simply divine. Probably because they took about 10 minutes to cook it, before making the sandwich while I waited. Anyway.

Chopper the dog is at sleep-away camp (the farm where he was born) in Nelson County until we buy a house with a nice fenced yard for him. We're not sure if Isabel is terribly lonely or kind of relieved to have us all to herself. She has already made friends up and down our block. Speaking of our block, we have never, ever received such a warm welcome as renters anywhere. Everyone within a 3-house radius has come by to say hello and a couple way up the street who saw our Montana tags came all the way down to find out who we are since they went to U of M together. The MM has already gotten his hiney kicked mountain biking with his new UM grad friend. 

My new job starts tomorrow and Ford has a massively runny nose, of course.  I did a trial ride on the new bike from our house to my new office and it's not too far, although hilly. If I do that a few times a week, I won't have to worry too much about making it to the gym regularly.  Thomas Wolfe said you can never go home again, but we certainly feel like we're finally home.

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