Blue and White and Bike Commuting

Moving back to Virginia means it's time to expand my professional wardrobe with a few warm weather items. At some point my go-to wool blazers, cords and sweaters for staying warm and looking the part in Missoula just won't work.

I've got a blue and white thing going on:

All from J.Crew or J.Crew Factory (no surprise there)

 Factory End from Emerson Fry's collection last year (score)

And it's all coming together here:

A Public Bike C7, while they were having a sale on bikes for short people! I sold my older, heavier commuter bike and have upped the ante on myself to find a way to make bike commuting in Staunton work. Without a safe route to walk to work (no sidewalks!) or a bus, this is my one sustainable transportation option and hopefully it'll (literally) give me the street-cred to steer the Valley toward accommodating bike commuters eventually.  Mine will have a matching rack on the back, from which I need to hang some panniers. Adeline Adeline has so many beautiful choices. I'm eying these:

 Wish me luck with the bike commuting. At least I'll match, right?

1 comment:

Lizzie O. said...

Ahem - where is your stylish helmet?!

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