Tucson Weekend Getaway

Having family in the Sonoran Desert is a great thing when you live in Missoula. What a perfect place to visit over a mid-winter long weekend! We were positively giddy to see the sun and run around in t-shirts.

Ford had a great time with his cousin, Seddona. The MM and I had fun catching up with his brother and sister-in-law and also spent quite a bit of time at the brand new Whole Foods down the street.

I know I threw some shade on Whole Foods for not having as killer a bulk foods section as The Good Food Store, but this place was fancy. I swear they blow some special aroma through the heating/cooling system at the door to put you in the mood to buy stuff.  It had a wine bar! This would actually justify my feeling that a trip to the grocery store without children is a pretty fun outing.

After this we are probably buying a wagon

Mount Lemon. Gorgeous backdrop. 

Serious hero-worship going on here : )

These two brothers could not have been sweeter to Seddona and Ford!

Trying to keep up with Papa and the frisbee.

We are home again in Missoula and trying not to think about how long it will be until it's 75 F and sunny here (June, ugh). 

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