Frittata for World Peace

My long awaited copy of the Smitten Kitchen cookbook arrived a couple of weeks ago and I've been happily devouring Deb Perelman's funny anecdotes and lovely photography every since. I only wish I still photographed my own kitchen adventures, but since I don't cook and blog for a living, it's all about a quick delivery around here these days.

I did snap a photo of the frittata that we made from the SK cookbook and it was so amazing, the MM and I both nearly cried. Think of everything that you know to be good in this world: roasted Yukon Gold potatoes, bacon, feta and green onions, coated with local eggs and milk and baked in a skillet.  It was so, so good.  (P.S. I am really tired of that whole So. So. Good. thing using periods for emphasis instead of commas.  Meh.) Really, if you fed this to your enemies, I don't think they could help but love you afterwards.

Happy Thanksgiving Week to you all! We are headed to Wyoming for a Cundy Thanksgiving.  See you next week!

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