Two Summer Recipes

You have to turn the oven on for the first one, but if you have tomatoes, zucchini and squash coming in faster than you can handle, you might like these:

Tomato, Squash and Feta Gratin. Found on Pinterest.  Lots of good oregano, feta, parmesan, garlic and green onion flavors in this one.  I did it as a way to save tomatoes and squash from going to waste, but I wish we'd made twice a much.  Pretty healthy too!

Then we came home from Ford's 12 month well-child check-up with a list of iron-rich foods in advance of having his iron levels tested at 15 months.  Not that the child is anything close to anemic, but I guess they like to check these things.  Keeps the lab people employed, right? So I looked through the cupboard and saw that we still have some French lentils from colder weather cooking and searched for cold lentil salads on Epicurious. Lentils being high in iron and all.  Here's what I found:

Lentil Salad with Tomatoes and Dill.  Fast, easy, healthy.  You don't even have to whisk up some fancy vinaigrette before tossing it with the lentils and veggies.  Just cook the lentils and them dump them in a bowl with the rest of the chopped up veggies. Salt, pepper, vinegar, olive oil, boom. Done. 

Neither of these are helping to ease my craving for a chicken biscuit with honey as served up in both Southern Living and Garden and Gun this month.  Good thing I only have time to make cold lentil salads, not from-scratch biscuits and fried chicken!

Meanwhile here's Ford looking sweet and chunky at his Missoula birthday party (with our friend Jen who's leaving for Massachusetts very soon, so sad):

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