A Smart Phone is a Parent's Best Friend

Sometimes I put together mental pinboards of the baby items that have been totally indispensable for Ford like..

The Baby Deedee sleepsack, which is quilted and warm and snaps over the shoulders instead of having to stuff your tired, fussy child's arms through armholes--brilliant.  And no, this isn't Ford, but looks oddly like him, non?

California Baby Shampoo/Body Wash, which is very gentle and truly doesn't sting the eyes

Oxo Tot Sprout High Chair

plain old Gerber white onesies

 I could go on, but really, the tools I have come to depend on most live on my iPhone. 

If the calendar didn't send me reminders, I'd forget everything. If Instagram wasn't so easy I'd be worse about documenting Ford's first year.

And if Cartolina Postale didn't exist, I'd be turning around thank you notes much more slowly.

About this last one.  This is an app that lets you drop a photo from your phone into one of about two dozen different postcards with really charming old-fashioned themes (like those in the image above), write a little note, add an address from your iPhone address book and for about $2, they'll mail it for you.  I have literally sent a thank you note from Ford with a cute picture of him in under 5 minutes while he happily chucked his stacking cups around the room.  Stacking cups!

Another indispensable item.  But really, I love my iPhone more than ever.  It makes capturing silliness like this possible:

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

1 comment:

Horanyi Family said...

Wow, that baby in the knapsack really does look like Ford! Wait til he gets older, the smartphone will have even more uses. (If you are willing to let it get dropped some, although I probably drop the phone more than the twins do!)

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