On the Mend and On the Move

Ford has completely recovered from his week of viral misery, so we took our airfare credit from the canceled Chicago trip and rebooked to fly to Denver this weekend for a gathering of all the MM's relations.  Not a bad outcome given the past few days around here!

These days, Ford is crawling, pulling up on anything he can find, imitating us and expressing his opinions (especially when tired) by screeching quite loudly. All par for the course at 9 months and pretty cute...other than the screeching.  Still no teeth other than the two he cut back in December, but all in good time.

Tomorrow, I'm taking him for his first hair trim.  Somehow I envisioned Ford with sweet baby curls that would get longer and longer until he turned 1 and then we'd switch over to a more "boy"  'do, but his hair is stick straight and falling in his eyes, growing over his ears and hinting at a mullet in the back, so it's time.

I don't think they'll arrive in time for our weekend trip, but I'm looking forward to reading these to Ford.  Apparently they're fun for the parents too!

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