Bon Weekend: Love and Love Again

Disclaimer--I'm talking about J.Crew, not my wonderful husband (but he is that!).  I'm having a serious J.Crew renaissance after falling out of love with their clothes for a couple of years.  What got me back on the J.Crew loveboat? The Minnie Pant:

I bought it in black last year and another pair in khaki just arrived today. I've often heard that when you find a piece of clothing or style that flatters and works, you should buy multiples. I will probably buy more Minnie's before all is said and done. They are amazing. Despite being neither long nor lithe, they make me feel like Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face when I wear them with flats. I wore the black ones with heels, a silk camisole and a cardigan for a fancy dinner party and that worked too.  Sigh. Love.

And now I discover that they really do have baby clothes?!? Oh lordy, I am in trouble.  The cashmere baby sweater for $125 (same price as an adult sweater) is admittedly INSANE:
But these stripey onesies are cute:
And this Rikshaw Designs kurta is darling.  I have one--so lightweight and nice for summer. 

Bon Weekend to you all. I think we are finally rounding the bend on Ford's horrible respiratory virus (he was up every 1-2 hours last night) and will keep our fingers crossed that the rain and temps in the low 50's that the forecast keeping predicting don't happen.  I think we'll plant some lettuce.  And give Ford his first lesson on physics as we hitch a chain to a lilac tree stump and pull it out with our neighbor's truck.  Yeehaw!

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