Ford: 9 Weeks Old and Virginia Adventures

We had a great week in Virginia introducing Ford to his East Coast family! It took us most of the weekend to unpack, reorder and recover and now I'm staring my return to work and Ford's first experience at day care square in the face. Can't say I'm overly excited, but if we must, we must! The Mountain Munchkin is actually now 10 weeks old, but he sure did look cute at 9 weeks with my parents.


After experiencing the wonders of Yellowstone at 5 weeks old, we decided he should also see an urban park, so we walked across the hanging pedestrian bridge to Belle Isle in the middle of the James River.  And while I don't have any photos, we then visited Hollywood Cemetery.  In search of an overlook of the same spot where we'd just been on Belle Isle, we pulled up in front of a memorial to Jefferson Davis (Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy, so anyway) and Ford decided he was hungry.  So I nursed him on a park bench in a cemetery.  In front of Jefferson Davis. And then a tour guide and her group sauntered up.  Naturally.

There's the cemetery up on the hill on the far side of the river. It's my bedtime, by which I mean 9pm.  I used to snort at my parents for going to sleep this early.  Now I can't wait for my head to hit the pillow...

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Live Better Lizzie said...

You all look great and it was so fantastic to see you and meet Ford and catch up! Glad you could come back for a visit! Hope to celebrate more with you soon!!!! xo LO

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