After so many glowing endorsements of the Ergo baby carrier and our own experience thus far, we decided that this was one we wanted to own (we've been using a loaned one) for the long haul. One friend whom we just visited in Virginia loves hers so much that its seams and canvas are threadbare after nearly 4 years of toting her babes around!

So if you're a new or expectant parent (or looking for a really lovely present for one), go check out  They only have the classic style and none of the organic cotton/fancy print versions, BUT they are offering it for about $45 less than the Ergo website, then giving you 20% off and free shipping if you're a first time buyer on their site.  So we just got a $145 carrier for $96. 
I'm writing this post on my brand new Macbook Pro.  Because when I went to synch my new iPhone with my old one (circa 2006, such a dinosaur), it said I didn't have an up-to-date enough version of iTunes.  When I tried to download that version of iTunes, it said my computer was too out-of-date.  Damn you, Apple. We'd been talking about a new computer for me for awhile, so this forced our hand.  Excuse me while I slap myself upside the head for not buying Apple stock 5 years ago when it was down and the broker said it was too volatile.  Should have trusted my instincts.  But that's a tale of woe for another day.

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