I Love Yellowstone, But....

I am really, really enjoying the sun and warm temps in Boulder, CO today! Here some photos from our frostier trip to Yellowstone last weekend.  Except that is wasn't even cold enough to frost.  That would have been an improvement over the temperature hovering around 32F, which meant it was cold enough to snow, but not enough for light, fluffy snow and otherwise dry air. Just big, wet flakes and a lot of moisture in the air.
Bison bison
Lonestar Geyser

The highlight was when I forgot I had my fleece gloves on and plunged my hand into a mountain stream to fill up my water bottle.  My exclamation was not becoming of a lady, we'll just leave it at that. 
Pre-Wet Gloves Happy Times
Shoshone Backcountry Geyser Basin.  Quite a surreal place in the mist, steam and snow.

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