Blog Love: Southern on the Inside

Garden and Gun just launched another blog, Southern in the City, by Jessica Mischner.  She's a Southern transplant to [you guessed it] New York City, but has had her own blog for awhile now too:  Southern on the Inside

"Southern on the Inside is devoted to documenting the people and experiences that bring southern culture to life in New York City."  Music, restaurants, fashion, design--it's all there and charmingly chronicled.  And she's not afraid to toss in some good pop culture miscelany as well. 

If you're like me and grew up reading What Do You Do, Dear? and What Do You Say Dear? with your grandmother in order to learn nice manners at an early age, you'll appreciate Jessica's post on the many, many precursors to The Official Preppy Handbook and it's 21st-century follow-up, True Prep.  And if you have a 3-7 or 8 year-old, these books are indispensible, if not completely hilarious. 

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