Tomato Obsession

I tend cook things in cycles of main ingredient obsession.  Since it's peak tomato season, they've been on the brain.  Two recipes that did not disappoint were the Summer Tomato Soup from Williams Sonoma (really interesting with the fennel and herbes fines, although I never did find chervil).

Photo from WS (I forgot to snap a photo)
And the Scalloped Tomatoes with Garlic Croutons from Smitten Kitchen:
We used heirloom tomatoes from Kalispell, MT, rosemary foccacia from Le Petit Outre ("the little outrageous") here in town and basil from our garden.  So. very. good.
Have I ever mentioned that I have a friend who's a North Carolina native and she doesn't like tomatoes? Because she's Southern through and through, she actually feels guilt over her lack of tomato love, but apparently it's just not meant to be.  I could say the same thing about raw oysters, except that I feel no guilt, hah!

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annabelle said...

From Facebook: "Love your blog Ann! Your house is so pretty, and you are so crafty will all of your projects!"

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