Bon Weekend: DIY Edition

I'll be following in the footsteps of Aubrey and Lindsay's Little House Blog by taking this:

Purchased at IKEA last weekend (very affordable).  And turning it into this:

Only, the drawer pulls will be these pretty things from a hardware store in Toronto. 
We're going to use it as a chest of drawers for the MM's things, tucked into his closet. It won't be front and center, but it can be repurposed as a bedside table someday.  Other house news: The built-in bookcases/cabinets with the salmon backs that we've waited for so patiently are being installed on Monday! I am seriously excited about spending the evening arranging a bookcase "tableaux," aspiring to Phoebe Howard's greatness here:

Mrs. Howard has this to say about arranging bookcases. "The most obvious and easiest way to make bookcases look good is to fill them with books. Books are fun to collect, easy to order, and provide years of entertainment. I think bookcases full of books are always successful. If you have a real skill for arranging objects, then mix in other items, but this does require a talent for display. The more organized the books are, the better I like it. Whether by color, or size, careful arranging is just appealing to me." 

Bon Weekend!

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