Bon Weekend: Boston Butt Edition

We're swallowing our pride and inviting people over tomorrow for a housewarming party, despite the fact that our backyard remains a total disaster area.  At least the inside feels presentable!

If there's one thing I've come to believe about entertaining, it's this: You should serve pig.  Breakfast for houseguests? Bacon is in order.  Effortless dinner party? Glaze or herb-stuff a pork tenderloin.  Late afternoon/early evening casual gathering? Serve a monster platter of pulled pork. I know I live in beef country, but I will always love pig.

My go-to for delicious, crowd-pleaser food has become The Pioneer Woman cookbook, and so for tomorrow we're test-driving her Spicy Shredded Pork.  Since I did all this last night (photos from PW):

And the MM completed the process today:

Let's hope it looks and tastes as delicious as this tomorrow!

If you're still wondering what Boston Butt is, it's pork shoulder. It really has nothing to do with Boston, or butts.  Bon Weekend!


Amity said...

BB is my go-to favorite for large events. I slow roast it all night two nights ahead of time with a rub--then make homemade bbq sauce. The meat is economical, and everyone is happy! viva pig!

Alex said...

I LOVE this recipe! It's so yummy. And your photos of the prep are beautiful! Love the crystal.

annabelle said...

Oh, Alex/Emily, I have to admit those aren't my photos, I borrowed them from the Pioneer Woman, the PW, P-Dubs as she sometimes calls herself. I was hoping that my shredded pork would turn out as well as hers and because her cookbook is the BEST, it did!

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