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So without spending too much time at my own pity party, let me say that it has thus far been a week that makes me feel a bit like the Wicked Witch of the East, only not wicked. Just the house dropped on me part.  Tomorrow I'm sitting for a national certification exam on urban planning; have been studying for months.  So what I'd really like is a pair of ruby slippers so I could click my heels and have it be this time tomorrow and the whole thing over with! Enough with beating that metaphor to death. 
One of my favorite Southern musicians, Caroline Herring, is playing on A Prairie Home Companion this weekend! The show comes on at a time we're not usually listening to the radio in Missoula, but we'll catch this one for sure.  If you're in Atlanta this weekend and they're not sold out, Caroline is awesome in concert.  AND Roy Blount, Jr. will be on. This guy is so funny--a regular on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and a contributor to Garden and Gun.  I think he lives on Connecticut these days, but we'll forgive him.
And along somewhat similar lines, we rented Crazy Heart last night.  Jeff Bridges totally deserved his Oscar this year.  He and that film were awesome. Highly recommend it.

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SummerEllen said...

Have you heard? A Prairie Home Companion is coming to C'ville in the Fall!!!! September 12th at the Pavilion. Might you be in the area? I'm so excited!

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