More BrewFest Than Juleps

It was too cold and gray to muster any enthusiasm for chipping ice for juleps.  Bundled up in a hoodie, down vest and a rain shell [and jeans, obvi], we headed downtown to squeeze under the beer tent with all the other 20 and 30-something Missoulians to sample microbrews.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon if you're not able to make it to the races. 
Anyway, in house updates, the Mountain Man proved again to also be a handy man by putting together and installing a new ceiling fan:

Old Ceiling Fan Remnants
The last remnant of the room before we gutted it and redid everything else
Mountain Man/Handy Man
Hard at work
Bam.  Another one of those things you would never have noticed if I hadn't decided it needed blogging about.
The MM also hung the "front hall" mirror.

Items I've been spending the first time homebuyers' credit on:
Pillows at Furbish in Raleigh, NC
Those large scale black chintz pillows.  A little granny, but the black makes 'em modern.  On the yellow sofa, because the room needs a floral, and they'll pick up the salmon/terra cotta bookcase backs.  Purchased from i suwannee and furbish's jamie.
For the kitchen above the [future] big table! It may not be Baccarat (in fact, it's, but it will bring some much-needed panache to the kitchen.

Finally, I just like these.  Retriever bookends from Bryan Batt's (Sal from Madmen) store, Hazelnut, in New Orleans:

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