Pelmets, yes

From Lonny's Issue Three
I think simple pelmet curtains like these with the stripe of color at the base will do quite nicely in our new living some point.  Instead of berry red, maybe black or green? They're not hard to make (the pelmet boxes, that is).  Here's how Rachel at Southern Exposure did it. 
Spray adhesive to attach the cotton batting and then a staple gun for the material.  Pretty much exactly like making our headboard! Let's just hope I can get the Mountain Man to help mount them to the wall when I'm finished. 
  I might cry uncle and see if someone can make the actual curtains for me.  I know this is why my mother gave me sewing lessons and a machine a few years ago, but we never made it to curtains in the class and since I still don't know how, I'm frankly terrified of buying all those many yards of material and then royally screwing it up.  Maybe it's time I take another home dec sewing class....

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