Straight Outta Real Simple

Whipping out my hot glue gun was a serious flash back to the early 1990s when my mom got craftastic with "Friendly Plastic" and made these harlequin doll pins and used bubble paint on grosgrain ribbon and then hot-glued the ribbon in curley-cues to white t-shirts with shoulder pads.  We looked amazing.  I just wish I had some of those photos to scan in and share with you.  I was 10! Tanned! Blond hair! Now I have windowless office-induced brown hair and an alabaster complexion.  Ah, me.

But I digress. Wasn't this a Real Simple DIY project at some point?


This was actually a $0 upgrade because my mom, longtime hot glue gun enthusiast, gave me one and then a friend gave me the last yard of ribbon she had from the same project at her house.  Home decor freecycling, you know?

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