Road Trip

We've been pretty wrapped up in our jobs and working through all the home-buying details lately.  Ever lengthening days and some fun plans for a four-day Valentines/Presidents' Day weekend have us already looking ahead.  Here's the plan:
1.  Scope out Dillon, Montana's Patagonia outlet during their Presidents' Day sale.  40% off the outlet price!

2.  Be cheesy tourists and stop in Montana's territorial capital, Virginia City (story has it that all the Confederate soldiers who fled the East Coast after the Civil War wanted to name it Varina City after Jefferson Davis' wife, but the territorial governor or someone like him said no.  Thank goodness.  One town east of Richmond, VA named Varina is plenty) 
3. Stay a night in Ennis, Montana, despite the fact that we'll neither hunt nor fish.  But it's pretty and off-season rates make it a steal:
4.  Spend a couple of nights in Bozeman with these jokesters:
June 22nd
5.  Go skiing on some big ranch in the Paradise Valley
6. Drive back to Missoula.  Collapse in a heap.  Prepare for a spring filled with home renovations.  I'll only have the Mountain Man's assistance until the snow melts and he can go climbing again. I plan to be a relentless task mistress until then.  Bwah ha ha!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Looks like an enchanting weekend. Must say I am
j-e-a-l-o-u-s!! We, midatlantic folks, have snow but few ways to enjoy it. Did get a chance to go for a snow shoe though.

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