Bon Weekend!

Our weekend begins tomorrow! We'll be off to higher and hopefully sunnier altitudes.  Meanwhile, we're a few steps closer to home ownership, but it looks like we probably won't close at the end of February as hoped. The MM and I are getting antsy to get in the new place and start priming and painting redoing the floors.

Some inspiration:

Interior by Palmer Weiss. I wish we had a staircase just so I could put down a zebra stripe runner like this! Also love the skirted table and big gold mirror. Inspiration for a way to improve on the sink situation in the bathroom.

The new kitchen has a lot of central floor space--perfect for a big farm table to gather around.  I can't really afford a Sundance Catalog table, but I really feel like this table will be the center of the whole house, so I want it to be special. 

 Time to start hunting for antiques in there here parts.

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