Soup on Sundays

I'm making Warm Lentil Soup with Pancetta tonight.  It's bubbling away on the stove and smells good.  Here are some mid-stream photos:
Wasn't all that visually pleasing after I pureed it, so I skipped the presentation photo.  The crispy pancetta served on top was perfect.  Doing the prep, I was thinking that along with the immersion blender, I really love my orange Mario Batali prep bowls.

I bought them on a whim and either the MM or my mom scoffed at them as something I "didn't really need," but I use them all the time.  So there!  They're graduated and marked at the half.  I particularly like the 3/4-cup and 1 1/2 cup bowl, because I'm a kitchen nerd. You can buy them here.  I won't tell you that you need them, but just sayin'.

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Ann said...

Soup and cross country skiing most definitely count! Your pictures inspired me to make a pot of lentil soup yesterday. It was so good and I think we'll be enjoying the leftovers for a few more days to come. Love the blog!

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