In A Living Room?

I was going to try and keep this under wraps until we close, but I am awful at keeping news to myself, SO........the Mountain Man and I had our offer on a house accepted this past week! With loan approval and the home inspection still ahead of us, it's not a done deal yet, but we're pretty excited about this new little place! It's in the same neighborhood as the townhome we've been renting (easy move), but it really needs some updates. For starters, the living room:


Yowza! Our plan is to tear off that wood paneling, paint it this gray (Benjamin Moore Gray Owl):

paint the ceiling white and put down hardwood floors.  All before we move in! We just checked out this flooring and think it might do nicely:

Chelsea Plank Flooring Black River Hickory (good and hard for dog abuse)

Channeling something between these two:

Alas, no fireplace in the new house, but you get the idea.  Question is, could it use one of these for a little drama and extra light?

From Target, no less.  Or would it just be too.....too? We'll see when everything is in place. Regardless, the lights/celing fan combo currently in place has got to go.  The kitchen is HUGE.  And needs lots of work.  The two bedrooms and bathroom are SMALL and need lots of work.  It's going to be quite an adventure.


Anonymous said...

YAY! I can't wait to see all the amazing Before and Afters! Love the plans so far. Can't can't wait to see more!

Kathleen Boudreaux said...

Congrats!! Looking forward to hearing about your home improvements. Love ya'll!!

Virginia said...

Yay for a house! Keep us posted and the photos coming!

Suze said...

Can't wait to hear the updates and see the transformation. Good luck!

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