Yo Mama's Jewelry Box

Hola! I've returned from our wonderful, wonderful trip back to Virginia for Christmas and finally uploaded some photos tonight.  Tomorrow I'll post more on how my mom puts Christmas Eve for 20+ people together and then somehow can still sit down at the piano and play carols by ear so that we can all sing along.

Meantime, remember this little number that I loved so much?

I hope you're all thrilled to hear that instead of dropping $138, I raided my mom and a neighbor's jewelry collections, made my own and spent exactly...$0. 

So there's my "I still have $138" grin


Virginia said...

Way to go, it's beautiful!

corksandcaftans said...

dashing! you look incredible, and I love your baubles. Oldies reworked are the absolute best. Well done :)

Live Better Lizzie said...

Um you look adorable! So glad to hear that you reinvented something instead of buying new!

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