Re-Upholstery Inspiration

One of my favorite ways to spend (fritter away?) my time is scoping out new design blogs via other bloggers' currently following lists.  Today I came across interior divine and photos she posted from an European shelter mag called Hachette Home that I can't seem to find for sale anywhere online....but anyway, there was this image from a restored farmhouse in Brussels and the two almost luminescent indigo blue chairs just spoke to me as the perfect color in which to reupholster the little slipper rocking chair I inherited from my great grandmother via my aunt. 

Perfect for this little piece, don't you think? Now I just need more space so I can properly tuck it beside a bed in a guest room. (Quite a throwback to the little cottage at Locust Grove  Farm there!)

1 comment:

Farrell and Lauren said...

It's almost an Yves Klein blue...maybe a bit darker? I love that color- it shows up in my wardrobe.

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