After a week of almost no sunshine and an absent Mountain Man (he was in southern Utah guiding a trip), it was finally time yesterday to get out of the house and see what was happening in downtown Missoula.  I'd been driving to work so that I could zip home midday to let the dogs out and missed my daily dose of street activity and sights on the morning walk to work.  Walking really is so good for one's frame of mind.

After getting some knitting help from the ladies at Loopy Knight and Crochet, I saw this most wonderful terrarium at House:

The blown glass orb itself is pretty spendy.  Has anyone seen something like this online for less than, ahem, $125?

Then I found this hefty cookbook just as I was about to walk out of another shop.  It caught my eye and shouted, "You! You who have not mastered or made good use of your crock pot! Thou shalt take me home and cook cheap cuts of meat slooowly!" And that's just what I plan to do so that I have time at night to do things I need to be doing. Like making Christmas presents and cards.

Know what else can defy a funk? Banana bread French toast from The Shack.  So with some of that in my belly we're off to chase what scant sunshine there is today and hike or climb in the Bitterroot.  Except that I just looked outside and it's raining again.  Oh, Missoula.

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