Small Upgrade = Big Improvement

I'm one of those people who can put up with a little dirt, but hates clutter (although I can handle the dirt less and less).  But I still really hate things lying around, out of place and not put away.  So this was driving me more than a little crazy:


One of my long weekend endeavors involved going to Lowe's where I found an unfinished wooden peg rack and two cans of spray paint for less than $15.  So despite the cold, I did this:

High gloss

Once dry, the Mountain Man pulled out his power tools and mounted it like so:

And we have now returned to a state of marital and domestic bliss.  It's always that easy, right?


corksandcaftans said...

Yay! BTW, love the wall color. Amazing.

annabelle said...

Thanks! Gonna have to use my Benjamin Moore iPhone app to figure out what color it is and buy more for the unseen poop brown wall across the way!

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