More Squash

Remember when I said that I had squash left over from last weekend?  I took care of that yesterday with a completely different take on butternut squash soup. Similar ingredients here (still apple, carrot, squash, chicken broth), BUT this time we thumbed our noses at H1N1 and built the base of this soup with....Bacon Fat.  Oh yes.


Sauteed the garlic and caraway seeds in the bacon fat, then added the carrot and apple.

Squash, chicken stock, water, thyme and bay leaf, simmer for 30 minutes:

And then a turn of ye olde immersion blender:

A little dash of apple cider vinegar and serve with the crumbled up bacon on top. 

The complete recipe for Farmhouse Butternut Squash Soup can be found here.  Just note that I roasted the squash instead of adding it raw and thus did not boil the soup for 20 minutes as directed, but simmered it all for 30 minutes instead. 

I also roasted a Cinderella Pumpkin and make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  It was a very orangey day for us.  You can see the photos in my Flickr stream (here).  And then I went and bought two acorn squashes.  We're not quite sick of the curcurbits yet : )


Anonymous said...

it all looks amazing. What I would give to have been in your kitchen that day!

Live Better Lizzie said...

I have so been craving soup! Might have to try to make it!

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