Living Room: Before and After

Now, this isn't likely to be the most dramatic transformation you've ever seen, but I am still tremendously excited that our living room is more or less finished (for the time being at least).

Here's where we were in July 2009:


And as of last night:


Of note--a new sisal rug, side table lamp and a new slip cover for the old loveseat that I lifted from my grandfather's office back in college. It spend about 6 years hiding under that horrendous drop-cloth of a factory-made slipcover until now.  Much improved, non? Excuse the bad lighting; these days it's getting dark pretty early up here in northwest Montana.

On to other considerations.  I bought that John Robshaw bird pillow for the sofa, but I like it better on our bed.  So the question now is which pillow should I choose to liven things up?

                                               A                              B                               C

Your thoughts?


Farrell and Lauren said...

I like the second one because the shot of mustard seems to tie in with the room.

Anonymous said...

A-- it looks GREAT in there! God I love that pillow... and I did the reverse... bought a pillow for the bed but loved it on the chair! I agree... middle pillow.

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