Michelle Obama's Food Access Agenda

Photo courtesy of the NY Times
Published: September 8, 2009
Produce grown at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue could be destined for a nearby farmers' market.

You have to hand it to Michelle on this one. Not only has she spearheaded the planting of an edible landscape on the White House lawn, but she's also been bringing children to the garden who might otherwise purchase their food at a convenience store or McDonalds. In the garden they learn that vegetables do indeed taste good! And she's working with a group that sets up farmers markets in these low income neighborhoods where access to fresh, healthy food is limited.

Through this garden and the farmers' markets, she's managed to highlight the importance of fresh, local food, its benefits to public health and the social justice issues of food access. Michelle has democratized the local food movement (if the food is affordable) by making it available to everyone, not just those who can afford a farm share or a trip to Whole Foods.

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CTV said...

AND a lot of DC farmers' markets are now accepting (and publicizing their acceptance of) food stamps -- something most farmers' markets don't traditionally do. (That's not just a result of her efforts, but it goes hand in hand with the great work she's doing.) Yay, Michelle, and yay, Ann, for recognizing her publically!

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