The Cure for Empty Nest Syndrome

My parents have been without children or pets in the house for six years now. When the Mountain Man and I still lived in Charlottesville, they saw enough of Isabel and Chopper not to miss having their own canine (and our dogs were spoiled within an inch of their lives). But now that we and the grand-dogs are tax-paying residents of Montana, it is clearly time for them to address their empty next syndrome and look into this:

This is a Goldendoodle puppy. This one happens to be named Harper and belongs to Joelle Hoverson of PurlSoho, but in case you're snarkily laughing about Goldendoodles, let me tell you that they are a Retriever/Poodle mix and have all the best qualities of both breeds: Sweet and easy to train like a Golden, smart and minimal shedding like a Poodle. Harper also happens to look like Isabel and Chopper's love child (suspend judgment over them being siblings for a sec):

June 8th



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Swistle said...

I am going to keep this in mind for 2025.

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