In the Kitchen

I've been in the kitchen a lot this summer. We've had several house guests and the most amazing farmer's market + the wonder that is LifeLine Farms--we buy their milk, butter, feta cheese, eggs and beef. It's all local, organic, free range and AMAZING. So it's been fun to whip up dishes that give me an excuse to use our not-China, serving dishes, and of course, the yellow Kitchenaid.

Gazpacho in the Deruta Mugs

Caprese and Argulua+Prosciutto Paninis

I've nearly mastered pate brisee (pastry crust without shortening, just butter), double crust pies and homemade bread (far less scary than I thought, just sorta takes some time).


Montana Huckleberry Pie

I forgot to snap a photo of the honey wheat bread I tried last night before I packed it off to a neighbor, but I'll continue to experiment. The house smelled heavenly with the warm bread aroma wafting through it.


SummerEllen said...

YUM! So glad to hear you're trying homemade bread! I keep telling people it's really not that difficult. Just takes a little muscle and some patience. Honey wheat sounds heavenly....

Farrell and Lauren said...

I'll have one of those paninis for lunch, please.
Thanks : )

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