Apparently It's Home Dec Week Here

I have this love seat that once sat in my grandfather's office in all its orange, brown and tan polyester upholstered glory. In a crazy 1970's way, it worked in there. Since I aquired it, it's lived under an ill-fitting khaki canvas slipcover. The dogs think it is their own, but they have a surprise coming since I'm deadset on recovering the thing soon. It's time. Past time, really.

I keep coming back to this yellow/gray/white/blue color scheme:

(photo from Velvet and Linen)

(photos from Snippet and Ink)

The large sofa in the room is my yellow element:


So the question is: Do the sofa in a soft gray like that headboard, or paint the walls "greige" and keep the sofa a pale neutral? I want a snuggly gray velvet or chenille sofa, but really that won't work on a squishy sofa. So I think we're talking a woven cotton or something along those lines...

Of course, if I could have this guy, no one would notice the sofa anyway


Live Better Lizzie said...

Love the yellow/gray/white/blue theme. It's funny that you and your mother lean towards the yellow and my mom and I go for the pea green. Don't let that navy blue turn your house into the new gym at St. Cat's!
I actually think you should keep the sofa yellow and paint your walls gray! My bedroom in Savannah was gray and I loved it!

annabelle said...

I love the pea green too. In fact, the wing chair in the corner of the room is pale green, but might get recovered. My mom is NOT a fan of the gray sofa, so apparently that's out. "Cool for the bedroom, warm for the living room" says she. I still want a giant leather hippo.

Farrell and Lauren said...

Be careful with your grey- I've heard that some shades of greige can be a bit depressing. I like your mom's saying. And good grief, Lizzie's post reminded me that I really don't want my wedding colors to look like the St. Cat's gym.

annabelle said...

You're right, the choice of gray would have to be a careful one, but that's why I think I'd keep plenty of yellow and cheery throw pillows around. The room just feels cave-like right now with the 3 green and 1 poop brown wall (why would anyone choose that color?!?) Here's navy and yellow that doesn't look like the gym:

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