Life in Boxes

July 15th

As the MM put it yesterday, we're still living in our house, but it doesn't really feel like ours now that nothing is hanging on the walls, the book cases are empty and we have the bare-bones kitchen going--two plates, two bowls, one pot for boiling water if I rally to make pasta for supper again tonight. That is it, friends! I suppose it's good in a way, to feel a little disconnected before we head out on Thursday--perhaps it'll make leaving Virginia a little less sad?

As much as we love living on the farm, we decided that with this move to Missoula it was time to walk the urban planning talk and live in town. The condo we've found is in an historic neighborhood, walking distance to my office, a block from a bus stop....I'm hoping it cuts the monthly cost of driving my car in half. Missoula has metered all parking spots downtown, so it's walk/bike/transit or work, or pay up. Even urban planners sometimes need a financial disincentive to drive! Certainly the puppies will miss their space to roam, but there's plently of open space just outside of town...and apparently a dog park on a little island in the middle of the Clark Fork. I'm intrigued!

We'll be stopping in Lander, WY to stay with the MM's folks on our way out. I might even be so free of packing and moving woes that we get a route in on the Gunky Buttress!


Suze said...

Safe and wonderful travels to you both. I can't wait to come visit! xxoxoxox

Frank Dukes said...

OK Ann (and Steve), congratulations, good luck, enjoy bringing some of that Southern charm to the Mountain West. Say hi to Dan Kemmis, Matt McKinney, Cynthia Manning, Robin Cook, Jason Kiely, Alli Mouch, Pam Kennedy and anybody else I know that you'll run into on the trails or in town.

in peace,


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