If I Had A Million Dollars

Or just a highly successful law practice like Bill Marler, I would throw my weight and money around just like he did today.

Today, the Washington State University alum helped his alma mater save a little face amidst claims that the school had canned its common book program for incoming freshman because of pressure from the agribusiness interests that fund the school. The book? None other than Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma.

Pollan was even scheduled to speak on campus, but the official story went that severe budget constraints forced the provost to cancel both Pollan's visit and the distribution of the book. As Marler put it, "Is this a financial decision or a political one?" Via his blog, he offered to pay Pollan's way to show that it wasn't the Board of Regents kow-towing to big agribusiness. And you know what? WSU has reinstated the common book program and Pollan is still coming!

Today I salute you, Mr. Marler!

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