Big News. Big Sky. Big News!

Well friends, we have some big news to share. After our wedding, we are pulling up stakes and making a big move--to Missoula, Montana! To quote Garrison Keilor, "Missoula, it's just sort of a place unto itself. It's like Montana but it has feng shui and herb tea." Hopefully it has a really good cheese shop too. And a yoga studio. Yoga and farm raised goat cheese. And arugula, you know, just like the Prez likes it : )

The MM will be running the Northern Rockies trips for his business, The Wildland Trekking Company, and I'll be working for the Missoula Office of Planning and Grants.

New mountains to love! A new city to live in! This is of course very bittersweet as we love our life and friends in Charlottesville. Obviously we hope to get lots of visitors. Ok?

The wedding countown has truly begun too. I'll try to keep up the posts but, phew, I hope you folks will understand if I have to scale back as the nuptials approach. Hey, there will always be gratuitous photos of Chopper:

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