For The Bride

March 1st

This past Sunday, my mom and I hosted a luncheon for a friend and neighbor who's getting married two weeks after the MM and I tie the knot. My mom claims to be allergic to organized activities and opening presents at parties, so we did neither at this get-together (for the record, I think one well-planned and executed game or activity adds a memorable touch, but I was the sous-chef of this event, SO).

We did serve a scrumptious lunch:

Spinach and Cheese Strata--parmesean, gruyere and french bread, oh yes
Spinach salad with fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges, walnuts and goat cheese with a strawberry balsamic vinaigrette
Bite-size sweet-potato ham biscuits
A dessert tray with bite-size brownies and mini "orange dream" cupcakes.


In lieu of an activity, we mailed pastel-colored index cards to all of the guests with the instructions to share a household, entertaining or happy marriage tip for the bride. We gathered these and put them together in an album for the bride to take with her. The most entertaining, if not puzzling, was "Treat him badly and he'll love you madly" followed by "Don't buy groceries or do any major household chores for the first year of marriage. Trust me, in twenty years you'll be glad you did!"

Manipulative? Pragmatic? Terrible advice? Your thoughts, please.


Farrell and Lauren said...

I think some marriages might not make it past the first year if that advice were followed.

PS- I forgot how lovely your parents house is. The daffodils are pretty too.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand the first piece of advice unless one is married to a masochist. Or it's somebody's idea of a joke?

The second piece of "advice" makes me cringe. I guess it depends on the circumstances of the individual marriage. Hopefully the woman who wrote that is the primary "breadwinner" in the family and is planning on working outside the home for the rest of her married life. If not, then yes, it's ridiculously manipulative. Wonder how she would feel if her husband's advice was something similar?

Anonymous said...

Don't treat him badly.

If you don't do grocery shopping or cleaning, you'll end up hungry and dirty.

How's that?

becky : )

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