A Desk of One's Own

This is a little silly, but our farm cottage is old, poorly insulated and cold on windy days when the temperature never climbs about 32F. So I don't much like to sit around in our living room (which doesn't have baseboard heat and thus is really cold) with my laptop dealing with photos and blog posts, etc. The MM works from home, so he's taken over what once was my desk, and thus I float from place to place, dragging power cords, laptop, camera, camera cable, etc with me. It's getting old. Old in a "I don't have the motivation to turn the computer on and sit on this dog hair-covered old sofa near the heater tonight" kind of way.

Thus the lack of posts lately. I did finish a wee hat yesterday:

March 2nd
March 2nd

These guys poked their heads out of the leaves last week when it warmed up:

February 19th

And then as everyone on the East Coast knows, this happened:

March 3rd

That groundhog wasn't kidding when he saw his shadow this year.
And I'm dreaming of this:
May 26th

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