Weekend Getaway


Exploring our own backyard was the order of the weekend. Finding that everyone and their sweetheart wanted to spend Valentines Day weekend in Canaan Valley and there were no rooms left at the inn, we decided to bag West Virginia and head south on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Peaks of Otter Lodge. It wasn't glamorous, but by a brilliant stroke of old-school sensibility, Peaks of Otter has kept its rooms telephone, TV and WiFi free. We still brought the laptop and watched a movie, but it was a lovely 18 hours free of contact with the rest of the world. And we got to drink some bubbly looking out over this view:

February 13th

Dogs weren't allowed, which meant we actually spent the entire trip focusing on each other, which, somewhat embarrassingly, isn't the case when the puppies are around. We usually spend most of the evening gnashing our teeth over how cute this or that thing that they're doing is. I know most people only lavish this kind of attention on human babies, so please excuse us.

Anyway, we hiked to various waterfalls and rocky outcrops--Apple Orchard Falls, Sharp Top, Falling Water Cascades(redundant much?)-- drank fairly awful merlot at the bar (Chopper, I think we're not in Charlottesville anymore) and then drove home through Natural Bridge and Lexington. If you live in Virginia and haven't visited Natural Bridge, it is worth a little jaunt down Highway 11. Once you've ponied up your $13 to see the bridge itself, you can plan mini golf! Visit the wax museum! Or the toy museum, or the drive-through safari park, the caverns or the Enchanted Castle where some eccentric makes wacky life-size models of things like.....raptors ridden by cowboys:


Weird and unaware of it doesn't even begin to describe Natural Bridge. I get a kick out the place every time I drive through.

Happy Presidents' Day. I am apparently allowed to take today as a holiday, but have so much work to do that I'm right here, logging a day in front of the screen.

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Lizzie Oglesby said...

Ya'll are so hardcore. I might as well be a fish in a fishbowl.

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