Whoah Proof-Reading: Giving in to the Inevitable

Last night I made these Pistachio Cupcakes with Raspberries from Martha Stewart Living. And tonight I'll be serving them warm with pistachio gelatto. Oh yes. This lasagna is also setting up in the fridge with pronghorn antelope sausage from the MM's dad in Wyoming. Oh yes!

And let me say that a few years back, I was at a friend's cabin for a ladies' getaway weekend and totally dogged MSL in favor of Blueprint. This was back when Blueprint was new, hadn't lost its path, or been canned all together. I thought MSL was too stuffy, too overwhelming, not young and fun enough for me. But now that both Blueprint and Domino are no more (my last issue of Domino arrived last Friday and I shed a tear on every page), it seems to be my only choice. Well, Martha, you had me at...cupcake:
I suppose it was inevitable. But I'm still a little bitter that the only magazines left for 20 and 30-something women are about weddings (No, Cosmo doesn't count!). Fun, but a one-time (hopefully) and passing phase in ones life.

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Lizzie Oglesby said...

Yeah I still have that issue with the cupcake heart somewhere. Could not part with it!

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