Wedding Industry Rant

I never thought I'd have strong enough feelings about the Martha Stewartization of weddings to write this post, but I am actually convinced that even Martha would take umbrage at what I just read in Town and Country Weddings. "But I thought T&C was synonymous with all things classic and classy?" you say. Read on!

Not two pages past an article instructing brides in the fine art of meaningful, heartfelt wedding guest appreciation (most of the suggestions were exceedingly expensive), there was a little blurb on a service from Apparently there are "extremely busy yet equally thoughtful" brides out there who can't be bothered to write their own thank you notes. Fear not! Today these very busy brides can even outsource the hand-writing of thank you notes for presents sent by people who then chose to spend time and money attending their weddings. only charges $5/note.

I kid you not.

I know there's a war on in the Gaza Strip and our economy may still go further down the tubes, but seriously. Seriously! What kind of person can't spend 5 minutes per note and write them herself? I mean, the Queen of England and Michelle Obama have social secretaries, but I bet even they wrote their own thank you notes for wedding presents. Does Town and Country not see the lunacy of all this? The nicest, simplest way to show your wedding guests your appreciation is to send them a thank you note.

And I'm done. But I might just write letter to the editor. Or just a link to this blog post.

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SummerEllen said...

Ok, this might be the MOST insane business model yet. How timely though - I just made the New Year's resolution to write thank-you notes for ALL gifts received. Part B is to get them into the mail within a two weeks of recipt of gift....Part B might be more challenging than Part A.

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