Wedding Flowers

Virginia is rather brown and dry these days, and it'll still be a few months before spring arrives. So I thought I'd share a bit of wedding flower inspiration that I've gathered as a virtual bright spot today.

We are working with a local"flower naturalist," Marcia McCarley. Marcia just started her own blog about her work and like me, loves using native, in-season blooms. Check that off the eco-wedding list!

Marcia's work, fitting right in with the rustic, Adirondack-style pavillion.

By May, peonies will be in bloom and galax leaves and rhododendron are always green, a la these two ideas I found from a wedding on a farm just north of Asheville, NC.
Galax leaves, organge and green, even fiddleheads!

Rhododendron, peonies, bark and moss. Swoon.

Bon Weekend!

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