Planning a Green [Sustainable, Eco] Wedding

There are whole blogs and books dedicated to green weddings, but I haven't looked into them too much since I spent two years and a pile of money getting a masters in all things sustainable.

Yeah, Not So Much

Within reason and without using our wedding to force our world view upon on guests, here's what we've done so far:
  1. The MM had a family diamond re-set for my engagement ring: While we can't vouch for the diamond being conflict-free, at least we didn't create demand for another one.
  2. I'm wearing my great-aunt's wedding dress, with some key updates for 2009: It may not be organic silk, but again, reuse.
  3. Bridesmaids dresses were purchased from LulaKate: While not exactly local (LK is in Charleston, SC) or organic silk, we're at least supporting a small, woman-owned business.
  4. Letterpress invitations are from page stationary, which is not only local (just outside Richmond), but also uses recycled cotton paper and soy-based ink.
  5. Working with the caterers to source as much seasonal, if not local food as possible for the reception. This is proving a little tricky since not much is in season in early May.
  6. We're not getting married in Fiji.
Most guests are flying or driving, though, so I've thought about the whole TerraPass wedding carbon off-set thing. We'll see.

Other suggestions?

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