New Year's Resolution #1: No More $120 Jeans

I love my Citizens of Humanity jeans as much as the next twenty or thirty-something female, but I can't justify a new pair when these organic cotton beauties from Levi's can be had for $70! If you're snickering because you think $70 is still too much to spend on jeans, well, at least give me a little credit for trying. Then you can give me extra credit because they come in a 30" inseam option that means I won't have to spend more $$ having them hemmed.

And in case you've been green-washed within an inch of your life, they're organic cotton. Yes, I already mentioned that, but in the midst of everyone (including me) worrying about the economy, I also worry that our resolutions to live a more eco-friendly life are going to fall by the wayside because we can't afford it anymore (taken a look at the share price of Whole Foods Market lately?).

Luckily some companies out there like Levi's are trying to keep sustainable and affordable from being mutually exclusive. Whole Foods can even fall into that category if you're mindful of what you purchase--365 Organic soymilk, cereal, pasta, chicken stock, the bulk bins---You can see that I'll be hard pressed to give up shopping there. And I think Kroger just smells funny. But that's a story for another day.

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