Too Cold To Go Out, Too Wet To Climb Rocks

So we did laundry and dishes and unpacked and folded socks (I know, the rhyme, it's bad, I'm sorry).

It was by all appearances a really boring day, and yet I feel an immense sense of peace and calm. That probably makes me a) mildly obsessive-compulsive or b) not someone you'd choose to talk to at a cocktail party tomorrow night, or both.

Before I was able to take daily photos while we were in North Carolina for Thanksgiving, the camera died. Boo. We did get a cute Christmas Card shot, though.

Christmas Card?

I've been sending cards with a photo of Isabel and me for a few of years now, so I'm pretty excited to have doubled the family and brought some men into the mix : )

1 comment:

latrimose said...

Great picture - as always, Isabel is stunning!

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